Wunderkammern: The Secret Life of Objects examines acquisition, objects and what a contemporary Wunderkammern might reveal about desire, knowledge, materiality and memory. Fabricated out of objects contained in an existent fifty-year-old Cabinet of Wonders, Wunderkammern: The Secret Life of Objects leaves no object untouched, no dust mite comfortable and no item microscopically unexamined. Organized alphabetically for sanity’s sake the film activates a series of associations, arcane, eccentric, playful and expansive. Ever unfolding, yet carefully constructed to facilitate your perusal, Wunderkammern: The Private Life of Objects takes you on tangents yet to be imagined, springs coils tightly wound, unnerves the inanimate and vitalizes cultural detritus. You will look at the objects that surround you with a newfound appreciation, animist suspicion, perspectival acumen and a regained sense of wonder. We invite you to get lost with us.

Tribeca New Music is a not-for-profit organization that promotes a bold new classical music infused with American pop culture.  Our core group of professional artists engages the public with compelling performances that stimulate and inspire, offering new and recent works with passion and integrity. The goal is to forge new links between musicians and a growing audience of adventurous music lovers through concerts, commissions, competitions, educational initiatives, dialogue, and our annual Tribeca New Music Festival.