What do we sound like?

Watch an excerpt: "Poetry in Motion," from the 2014 Festival (below)

▲ Geoff Sheil "Newport" (Anthony de Mare, piano)

"Newport is dedicated to pianists and close friends Ivana Muncan and Milena Buca. Their pervasive smoking habit prompted me to write a reactionary piece, taking electronic samples from an old commercial for Newport cigarettes from the 1960s and setting it against a virtuosic piano part. The piece combines influences from both contemporary classical and popular styles." —Geoff Sheil

▲Michael Lowenstern recruits two audience members to operate iPhones triggering common english training phrases in the world premiere of his Lost in Translation for live humans and electronics on the Tribeca new Music 2013 Festival, May 9, at The Cell in NYC.

▲ Preston Stahly "Pleiades" (Zach Brock, violin)

Violinist Zach Brock performs the world premiere of Pleiades by Preston Stahly on the Tribeca New Music 2013 Festival, May 9 the cell—a 21st century salon, NYC.

Kathleen Supové, piano and James Moore, electric guitar: Patrick Grant's Three Times One Minus One (world premiere) uses driving minimalistic layers of dense beauty to propel the music.

▲ The Living Earth Show (Travis Andrews, guitar, effects, harmonica; Andrew Meyerson, percussion allsorts, melodica) perform Chris Cerrone's "Double Happiness." Performed on May 12, 2013, at The Cell in NYC, as part of the Tribeca New Music Festival 2013. 

▲ Michael Lowenstern - "What'd I Say" for EWI 4000s MIDI Wind Controller, Korg Kaossilator, NI Maschine, &c. Performed on May 9, 2013, at The Cell in NYC, as part of the Tribeca New Music Festival 2013

Five Latin Pieces - #5 "Guaguanco" by Gregor Huebner
Geoffrey Burleson, piano

The Body of Your Dreams (excerpt) by Jacob TV
Kathleen Supové, piano

Sapphire for violin and electronics by Preston Stahly
Mary Rowell, violin

Sha for bass clarinet and electronics by Michael Lowenstern
Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet

Nagoya Electric for electric guitar by Steve Reich
Kevin Gallagher, electric guitar

Grand Sonata for violin and piano by Michael Sahl
Mary Rowell, violin; Geoffrey Burleson, piano

Etched (String Quartet No. 1) by Emily Cooley - 
2012 Young Composer Competition winner

Jack String Quartet